About us

Flavour Revolution is a Free-From food producer of the Solenzi brand products.   Our founder's passion for eating healthfully has driven her to create our business.  We are dedicated to bringing you artisan gourmet products that are certified organic, free from GMO, chemicals, preservatives and additives.  

Our Vision is to evangelize the 'Free-From' market within North America and to be recognized as the go-to company for great tasting gourmet products - with no compromise.

Our team is driven by a passion for quality and have launched the Solenzi brand to ensure that you have great tasting, high quality, naturally made and free-from food. We continue to hunt for these specialty products from around the world and particularly look for artisan products made in traditional way, are full of natural nutrients, and don't pollute our bodies with chemicals. 

Please explore our Solenzi brand, recipes and retail partners.  Join us by following us on social media as we Discover a World of Flavours, and join the Flavour Revolution!